Although we follow a structured route, every trip is a new adventure. With every new unique group, we still discover a new dirt-track, a new goat-path, a new beach… That’s what adventure is all about! Experience Places & Natural Sites normally inaccessible to commercial tourism, swim in the Pristine Waters, see Mythological & Historical sites, taste Local Food & Wine. And not to fear, Cypriot’s speak Greek however they almost all know English as a second language.

“We just had a wonderful daytrip with Andreas. The landscape we visited is extremely beautiful and Andreas provided very detailed and interesting informatione over everything in Cyprus. Also our 3 daughters (aged 10&7) loved the trip, especially the swimming on terrific Lara Beach. Thank you very much for this unforgetable day !”

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My Guide to Cyprus:

  • Cypriot’s are extremely nice and generally all speak English which makes it easy to get around.
  • Since Cyprus is so small, renting a car in Cyprus is one of the most popular things to do as a tourist so you can get around the whole country easily – the distance from the West to the East is only an hour and a half drive!
  • You will likely be visiting South Cyprus which is the UN side. This is the unoccupied side and you are free to go wherever. I highly suggest staying here. If you do visit Nicosia (the divided capital) make sure you take your passport with you – you need it to cross the border into the other side of the city that is North Cyprus, which is occupied by Turkey.
  • South Cypriot’s are still very upset that their country is divided and not unified, it is best not to bring this up with Cypriot’s unless they offer the conversation.  People in the South are free, but people in the North are not. You can imagine the difficulties when the country is
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  • one of the smallest in the world.
  • There are so many things to do in Cyprus you likely cannot fit it into one trip! From hiking and nature in the Akamas Peninsula and Troodoos Mountains to partying on the Cyprus beaches to the archaelogical parks in Cyprus there is something for everyone in this tiny country. Check out this extensive top things to do in Cyprus list.
  • Cyprus Weather: Cyprus is one of the warmest destinations year-round in Europe due to its location in the Mediterranean. However that doesn’t mean they don’t get snow! In the winter months (mostly just December-February) you will get mild temperatures and even able to ski on the top of Troodoos Mountains! Make sure to pack for these temperatures if going during the winter. If you are there for summer (May-September) expect the Mediterranean heat! For all of my travel/packing essentialsfor any weather compiled together, head to my influencer page on Amazon here for a complete list or my descriptive carry-on packing guide here!

From buggy safaris to blue lagoons Cyprus has it all!