10. Majorca, Spain

One of the most popular Spanish islands attracts thousands of tourists. Known for the pristine beaches and active nightlife, Majorca attracts tourists from the 19th century. Through the decades famous artists like Frédéric Chopin, Agatha Christie, George Sand and Joan Miró have visited and worked here.

Why to go there?

Great holiday destination, various activties, rich nature and culture.

When to go there?

Mild Mediterranean climate attracts visitors all year round. Months from June to October are the warmest.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Majorca-Photo by Adamo Prieto

9. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

The beach is truly iconic and the most recognizable in the world. Crystal clear water coast is surrounded with steep cliffs, that are often used by the base jumpers. The visitors get here by boat from Porto Vromi and spend a nice day in this picturesque place.

Why to go there?

One of the most popular beaches in the world.

When to go there?

All year round, summer being the most popular season.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Navagio-Photo by Unknown

8. Manarola, Liguria, Italy

One of the most picturesque Italian villages is part of the popular Cinque Terre chain. Situated on the Italian Riviera, Manarola has various romantic hiking trails, including Love’s Trail, which connects Manarola with Riomaggiore.

Why to go there?

Beautiful and authentic Italian village.

When to go there?

All year round.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Manarolai-Photo by peter stewart

7. Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

The famous cave hides a wonderful turquoise water lake. Surrounded with the forest on the outside, the rocky cave has a hole above, which lets light in. Therefore the boats, that bring visitors in, seem to be floating in the air!

Why to go there?

One of the most famous attractions on the island.

When to go there?

All year round.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Melissani

6. Menorca, Spain

One of the Balearic Islands is really tiny, but has 120 stunning beaches! The water is crystal clear and perfect for bathing. Canoeing and kayaking are also among the popular activities. Besides the pristine beaches, there is a wide variety of birds and flowers.

Why to go there?

A beautiful holiday destination for quiet and relaxing vacation.

When to go there?

From 23rd to 25th of June a local celebration „Festes de Sant Joan“ takes place and entertains the visitors.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Menorca-Photo by Esteve Roca

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Besides being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mediterranean, Dubrovnik is also protected by UNESCO for its historic prominence. There is a lot to do and see here: from exploring amazing architecture with a cable car, visiting exciting summer festivals, to sailing and relaxing on the beaches.

Why to go there?

Historically and culturally rich town, with great beaches and resorts.

When to go there?

From May to October.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Dubrovnik-Photo by Cory Schadt

4. French Riviera, France

French Riviera is not only a wonderful nature retreat, but has a historical significance as well. Visitors can stay in one place or explore the whole coast. Cannes is being associated with the movie stars, Nice is a favorite holiday destination of the aristocrats since the 18th century and Saint-Tropez is a hip artists’ retreat.

Why to go there?

Various exciting cities, great beaches and beautiful coastal towns.

When to go there?

The climate is mild all year round with beach-friendly summers.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-French Riviera3

3. Sardinia, Italy

Being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has a very long coast and numerous sandy beaches. The nature is versatile and provides all year round activities: horseback riding, sailing, even skiing in winter. And the cuisine is exquisite.

Why to go there?

Various activities, beautiful nature, great cuisine.

When to go there?

All year round.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Sardinia
Top Mediterranean Destinations-Sardinia4

2. Corsica, France

The island’s volatile history is reflected in the dramatic landscape. A witness to various historic events, today Corsica attracts tourists for numerous reasons: a beautiful coastline, mountainous landscape, mild climate. The cuisine is splendid: a lot of fresh ingredients and local drinks will please every gourmet.

Why to go there?

Great nature, historic architecture, exquisite cuisine.

When to go there?

All year round.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Corsica

1. Santorini, Greece

The volcanic island must have been a holiday destination for the Ancient Greek gods. The place is truly divine. The white houses, rising up the cliffs, are authentic and define the island. Various luxurious resorts make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the perfect weather.

Why to go there?

Favorite holiday destination.

When to go there?

Weather is mild all year round. Months from June to October are the warmest.

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Top Mediterranean Destinations-Santorini-Photo by Gleb Tarro
Top Mediterranean Destinations-Santorini-Photo by Grace Santorini